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Free Information for our Customers

If you are doing business with us, we thank you. If not, we would like the opportunity to serve you. Satisfied customers are our best advertisement, so we encourage you to give us feedback on how we are doing. Furthermore, we would like to give you some information that we think can be very helpful and save you money. Skip ahead to Warning Signs

What affects your septic tank?

  • Leaky/runnning toilets- will destroy a system within six(6) months
  • Water softeners- DO NOT connect to septic
  • Sump pumps- DO NOT connect to septic
  • Household cleaners- bacteria MUST BE PRESENT in your tank- cleaners with a warning "harmful or fatal if swallowed" will harm bacteria. Try organic products, there are many on the market that work just as good.
  • Grease- DO NOT put down drain
  • Garbage disposal- not recommended
  • Tree roots- DO NOT plant trees on or near septic system
  • Toilet tissue- DO NOT USE soft, cottony toilet tissue (even though it says septic safe), anything soft and cottony(wipes) being flushed will destroy your system- we recommend only Scotts or Marcal
  • Amount of people- 1.3 people per bedroom is the norm
  • Water usage, including your washing machine and dishwasher- limit to 1 shower per day/ per person and 2 or 3 loads of laundry every other day-try putting Dishwasher on at off peak times-USE WATER SPARINGLY

If you follow the above and pump your tank every 2-3 years it will avoid a financial burden in the future. If you are not following the above guidelines, pump your tank more frequently. Also, try not to pump your tank during winter months when the ground is frozen, it may cost an additional fee! Know your septic company! They should only have to pump from your solid tank (the main lid, not a clean-out, the small pipe). Make sure all sludge is being removed. Know the size of your tank, don't let them charge you for more than you have. Watch out for hidden charges. ASK questions before they get there, e.g. is there a charge for same day service, emergency, digging, back flushing, fuel surcharge, etc. If you are being charged for digging, consider installing a riser.

Warning signs

  • Slow flushing
  • Slow shower drains
  • Washing machine not draining/ back-up
  • Back-up (lowest point first)
  • Yard wet and/ or mushy in area of field/tank


  • I have no problems - "I don't need to pump" Don't fool yourself
  • Flushing additives down toilet (just another gimmick to take your money)
  • System should last forever- a well-maintained system should last 20-30 years.
  • Sewer is cheaper- not true if system is properly maintained

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